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Tia Tutt is a star. Not in the making, nor on the rise, but a star in her very own sense. On January 6th 1993, Tia was born. Although her family is bred from Lincolnton, GA, she was raised out east in Augusta, GA. Since a child, Tia found inspiration in the creative arts which she expressed through her fashion sense. Before creating music of her own, Tia credits artist like DMX, Erykah Badu, Jay-Z and Outkast for helping her mold and develop her sound.

A firm believer of “Self Love is the Best Love”, Tia is often inspired by herself and made a promise to continue creating, in the midst all circumstances. As an independent artist, Tia has already broken barriers by crushing stages all over GA and shooting visuals all over the world. Her sound is indescribable as her persona adapts to her music style. She could be a Ruff-Ryders love child: raspy and aggressive like X but delivers her bars with a bit of sex appeal and lyricism like Eve. When asked about her favorite project, Tia assures that it hasn’t been released yet. The world needs to be on the lookout for her new project “Wildchild” as it will be releasing very soon as she is continuously perfecting it. The enigma known as Tia Tutt is on her way and she isn’t letting up anytime soon.

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Blest Jones is a singer-songwriter born in New York City and raised in Washington, DC. Seemingly charm and grit personified, he never takes anything for granted. Once he sets his eyes on his goal, he knows he’s talented enough to achieve it but still works his hardest to get it. With his desire for his music to be both familiar and unique, he is making sure that his work is a cut above the rest.


Blest Jones