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 ​In all things when it comes to production people want a place to call home, creative freedom. At Tak3-One productions filmmaking, and content development thrives here. Theatrical, Commercial,Television content is our key points of access to catering to our distribution partners. We aim to influence the next generation of creatives to being part of something greater, offering them an open door of opportunities in Film,Music and Creative Arts. At Tak3 One Productions we build pioneers of film production. Our team is built of dedicated professionals who love and thrive working in there fields of work which allows the culture at Tak3 One Productions to flow with ease. No project has a limit and we allow every project to reach its peaks of success with every possible marketing and distribution plan we develope with each production we tak3 on.

Meet Some of Our Partners
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Our mission is simple, create, develop and execute Films and Television shows while building up artist and creatives under our umbrella. We are the definition of (New Production Order) when it comes to the creative arts. We believe in education is the key to the arts along with hands on application.Our divisions cover, Film, Television, Music, Marketing Business Strategy, Fashion and Creative and Personal development. Our company covers building up those around us while being able to create informative and quality content. Key partners in our company stand true to our brand and mission as Tak3-One Productions. We are driven and dedicated to taking Tak3-One Productions globally, providing not just to our communities but to those in need.



We are aiming to bridge the gap between Industry to independent, Streamline content allowing creatives to have access to the tools and resources to really make a name for themselves. Its not about at Tak3-One Productions. Its about you the investor, creatives, Imagineers, and business educators coming together to support the movement.